School Nurses are here to make sure each student who needs medication routinely or in emergency situations has access to these medications and someone to administer them. The school does not stock medications for headaches, stomach aches, sore throats, or any other medical problem. We ONLY administer medications brought to the schools for a particular student and then only under the guidelines specified below.

     If your child must take ANY TYPE (prescription, over-the-counter, or herbal) of medication during the school day, there are forms that MUST be completed by the physician and parent, and these forms must be on file with the school nurse BEFORE any medication can be administered.  A parent must bring in the medication and meet with the nurse to complete forms and discuss the regulations governing the administering of medications by school personnel. If your child is on a short-term medication, such as antibiotics or cold medicine, we ask that you schedule dosages so that the medication can be given at home if possible. For example, a medication that is to be taken three times a day can be given before school, upon return from school, and again at bedtime.

     Students are not to bring any medications to school.  Parents must bring all medications in the original packaging, with a pharmacy label if it is prescription, labeled with the student’s name, medication name, and directions for administering and sign it in with the school nurse. Students found to have medications of any kind (prescription or over the counter) at school, without proper authorization in place, may be subject to disciplinary action by the school board. In addition, the medication will be locked in the nurse’s office and will only be returned to a parent in person.