The health of our students is the foundation for success in their education. Controlling the spread of communicable diseases in the community is the responsibility of Escambia County Schools and the Escambia County Health Department. It takes the cooperation of schools, health care providers, and parents to prevent the spread of disease. 

     The Alabama Department of Public Health provides schools with exclusion criteria to follow when students develop a communicable (contagious) disease. School nurses will notify parents if a student becomes sick at school. If a student is diagnosed with a condition by their primary physician, we ask that parents communicate with the school nurse so that the appropriate exclusion time can be followed and proper care can be provided upon students' return to school. 

     Many students will experience illness during the school year. Parents play a key role in preventing the spread of illness by keeping students home when they are sick. If students become sick at school, nurses will notify parents to pick them up from school. Below is a chart to show times when a student should not attend school and when they can return after being ill.