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Escambia County Schools At-Risk Program
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At-Risk Program


Funds for the At-Risk Program in the Escambia County Public School System are funds allocated by the Alabama legislature, which are designed to provide school systems across the state additional resources to identify and assist students who are "at-risk" of dropping out of school before successfully completing their education.

State At-Risk funds may be used for, but are not limited to, after-school tutoring, summer schools, weekend schools, character education programs, drop-out prevention programs, career technical education youth programs, alternative schools, training of parents, purchase and use of web-based practice tests for the high school graduation exam and other standardized tests, programs to improve reading, and/or math, and/or science skills to increase grade-to-grade promotion, high school graduation and college preparedness, and other activities designed to assist at-risk students (ACT 2009-339).


More specifically, At-Risk funds are for students who score at level 1 or level 2 (not proficient/partially proficient) in reading or mathematics on the current state assessments. These students are at-risk of not experiencing school success and are in danger of school failure and/or non-completion. This may be due to situations, circumstances, and/or conditions (e.g., environment, family, health, and other) over which they may have limited control. By providing focused attention and assistance in identified areas of need, students will be given opportunities to experience school success.


At-Risk Programs in our county include, but not limited to: 

The Escambia County Alternative School operates regular school schedule 

The Early Warning Prevention Program bimonthly in Brewton and Atmore 

The Conduct Intervention Program monthly in Brewton and Atmore area * as needed 

The Truancy Diversion Program sessions for six weeks in Brewton and Atmore area * as needed 

Attendance Awareness Month

On-Campus Suspension Programs 

ECHS Graduation Coach

Pollard-McCall Junior High School Extended-Day Program                               

Huxford Elementary School Extended- Day Program


*There are many other services provided to our students at-risk in the county that are funded from additional sources.



The Alabama Student Assistance Plan (ASAP) only included allocations of At-Risk funding as a result of state budgeting for the 2016-17 school year.


Escambia County Schools Alabama Student Assistance Plan  (ASAP)  Approved 2016



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