Escambia County Specialized Treatment Centers - Alternative School

The Escambia County Alternative School is a part of the Specialized Treatment Centers (STC) and Alternative Programs of the Escambia County School District. 


The Alternative School specializes in school-based behavioral intervention. The school also provides various transitional services for middle school students and high school students within the district. All students placed at this facility are referred for placement by their school administrator and placed by the district’s Alternative Placement Review Committee. As a part of alternative placement, parents have the option of additional intervention with services from Southwest Behavioral Healthcare or from The Transitional Coach Program for Escambia County Schools.

One plants the seed. Another waters the seed.

Life makes the seed grow.

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We promote the growth of all of our students by supporting them with collaborative approaches between education and behavioral healthcare to ensure their success in academics and in social-emotional wellness.



Help plant seeds for a brighter future.


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Compass Services with

Southwest Behavioral Healthcare


Compass School is a Specialized Treatment Center located at Escambia County Alternative School that provides behavioral healthcare for students 13 years of age to 18 years of age for Escambia County, Alabama residents.



Career Transition Coaching Program - Hazina Career Services  Transitional Coach Program of Escambia County Schools

The Transitional Coach Program is a state and federally supported behavioral wellness school-based initiative that provides evidence-based intervention, prevention, and care coordination services to children in grades K - 12. The program helps to expand quality mental healthcare access in schools to improve the social, emotional, behavioral, family, and wellness outcomes of children.


We never give up. We are RESILIENT!


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Escambia County Specialized Treatment Centers - Alternative School

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Escambia County Alternative Programs

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The mission of Escambia County Schools is to provide a safe, rigorous, and engaging learning environment that promotes healthy, respectful, resourceful, and responsible life-long learners who will collaborate, lead by example, set goals to strive for excellence, and graduate as college or career ready.