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It is our duty to manage Escambia County Schools' annual budget responsibly and transparently. We do so through a system of checks and balances that includes public hearings, public reporting of financial statements, and public votes of the Escambia County School Board.

For local school accounting information, please contact Rochelle Richardson, Chief School Financial Officer @ 867-6251 ext. 1009 or


Escambia County Board of Education Redistricting Information

Federal law requires school board districts to be redrawn after each ten-year census report has been
released to ensure equal representation based on school district total population. The district at this
website link has provided two maps for immediate perusal by the public. The first map depicts the
current board district lines based on the 2000 federal census population data.  The second map
depicts the proposed plan for board redistricting based on the 2010 federal census population data.

Because of some population shifts and changes in the past ten years, the school system is required
to draw new board district lines in those areas that have seen growth or reductions in residents. On
June 30,2011, the Escambia County School Board held a workshop prior to its regularly scheduled
meeting to discuss redistricting criteria and to approve a redistricting plan proposal for the public to
peruse and provide input for the board to consider before a final decision is made.

On June 30,2011, the Board adopted the following criteria for redistricting: (1) preserve the core
of prior districts, (2) maintain existing voting precincts to avoid voter confusion, (3) maintain
minority representation on the board, (4) establish a consistent population in each board district, with
allowable deviation from the ideal population parameters, (5) avoid splitting of existing census
blocks, (6) contiguity, (7) preserving communities of interest and respecting municipal boundaries,
and (8) having recognizable, understandable boundaries, (9) protecting incumbents from running
against each other, and (10) compactness.

The school district must follow a redistricting process established by the United States Justice
Department. This includes holding public meetings to give the public the opportunity for input. The
locations, dates, and meeting times are listed on this website link. The first meeting is scheduled in
Brewton on August 2, the second meeting in Atmore on August 9, and the third meeting in Flomaton
on August 16. If needed, additional meetings may be scheduled to finalize input and suggestions
from the public. The Board's goal is to submit a redistricting plan in September to the Department
of Justice Department for its approval.  Once the Department of Justice receives the proposed
redistricting plan, it has sixty (60) days to provide a response or to approve the plan.

The Escambia County Board of Education and the Superintendent of Education encourage all
citizens to attend at least one of these public meetings. The public's input on the proposed
redistricting plan is one of the most important factors of the entire process.

For further information about the redistricting process, please contact the Escambia County Board
of Education at 251-867-6251. 

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